5 Steps To A Lean Waist (Without Doing Crunches)

In This Free Guide, I'll Show You...

  • The REAL nutrition hack to losing belly fat (hint: it's not a detox tea)

  • ​The frequented "belly-burning" exercises that actually making the waist look bigger
  • ​What major training shift needs to happen for a leaner and tighter core (that has nothing to do with training abs)
  • ​...and so much more

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About Tijana

Hi, I'm Tijana, aka Coach T!

I'm a Team Strong Girls Body Transformation Coach, Holistic Nutritionist, and Master Trainer with nearly a decade of experience in the industry.

I'm known for helping women transform their physique while eating more food, making happy memories with their loved ones, and taking their confidence inside the gym to all areas of their lives.

I'm also Canadian, and a mama of two boys that keep me on my toes.

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